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79 Denver Kirkland JerseysSports interest class last season's big dark horse, the second in the western conference, and even once expected to be the first in the western conference to unseat the golden state warriors Denver nuggets seems to have a problem?Not only did the western conference upstart, who had arguably the most complete roster this summer, have a poor record (the teams they won were weak), but several of the team's stars were out of their league.The Los Angeles lakers were supposed to be the biggest surprise in the west with lebron James in the 2018-19 season, but a series of injuries and locker room problems have made 23-year-old Serbian center jokic the surprise player in the west, averaging 20.1 points, 10.8 rebounds and 7.2 assists per game.The youngest triple-double of the season was so impressive that many fans thought the nuggets, led by jokic, had a glimpse of the golden state warriors.Are from the draft picked from the "home training" mode, are playing team basketball, are unique young talent...But this season the nuggets, led by jokic, surprised us again.Came to Beijing, coke, beer, Fried chicken addiction?A slightly incongruous figure has become the focus of the media, but also the impact of teammates to make the nuggets run, not broken, not shot into the typical...Inefficient nuggets if you go to see Denver's offensive type efficiency in detail, will feel a little weird, how to say or temporarily in the first eight teams in the west and negative number also agree with the clippers ranked second, but their 11 attack types is of a data efficiency is 60% above the league team's offensive efficiency is over at least 18 league teams before 12 : above circle radians use frequency, circle length ranked, said axis 0 (not more than any team alliance efficiency at the bottom, representing over 100 league team efficiency ranking first the nuggets at present only use frequency 13.2% and most don't need technical alliance, the transformation of the offensive efficiency more than 60% of the team!Their most frequent catcher (21.6 percent) ranked at 37.9 percent;The second-most-used pick-and-roll (15.0%) ranked at 13.9%;Even the fourth most used slice (8.1%) just barely reached the league average of 51.7%!The average scoring efficiency of the four major scoring categories is higher than the average of the league.Is this really the same Denver nuggets that led the league in offensive efficiency last season, played by all players and developed along the warriors' lines?It's clear why the nuggets have fallen so far: jokic's motivation and efficiency are down too much, Murray's handling of the ball is still stumbling, other young players seem to be stuck at last season's level, millsap is no longer old, new recruits are not fitting in...The run-around jokic nuggets have the league's worst offensive and defensive tempo, averaging just 98.11 per game.This is not a problem because they are good at positional play and like to control their own pace, but the other side of the story is that the nuggets really don't like to run.This season, the nuggets rank fourth from the bottom in the league in running distance per game (17.47 miles per game) and fourth from the bottom in the league in offense (4.44 miles per hour).And jokic, the starting center, is clearly the one who's dragging his feet...For the record, jokic doesn't run much, averaging 11354.2 miles per game, but he's really slow, averaging 4.18 MPH on offense and 3.63 MPH on defense. He's the second-slowest on offense and the slowest on defense.Rio kic, who has played 20 or more games in the league, ranks 11th last in offensive velocity.He hit 4.28 MPH last season.This apparent change has had a significant impact on the nuggets and jokic personally on the offensive end, as the team's overall efficiency in "team play" without jokic is likely to decline, while the frequency of inefficient single-play offense is likely to increase.So jokic doesn't seem to be shooting much this season?Offensive participation is reduced, offensive and defensive offensive conversion rates fell to only 4.0% (21 games a total of 15 times, averaging less than 1 times), their use and roll a ball on the offensive end to proportion fell to 2.9%, also shoots down to 14.1 times, utilization rate fell to 24.8%, even in the pick-and-roll, front assist teammates fell by 11.4%.So jokic shifted more of his shots to the generally less efficient offense of the pick-and-roll and backcourt. For example, his use of the pick-and-roll increased from 14.1 percent to 22.4 percent, while his efficiency (PPPS per possession) dropped from 1.02 to 0.77.The frequency of backcourt singles remained at 22.7% (25.4% last season), but the PPPS dropped from 1.03 to 0.87.The frame singles frequency also remained at 4%, but the PPP dropped from 0.82 to 0.65.Thanks to jokic's catching efficiency, he and the nuggets' overall offensive efficiency would have been even worse.It's easy to see why "inability to run" can cause inefficiencies. Scoring efficiency is much higher when the defense is shaky than when the opponent is in position.Not only that, jokic's efficiency in the post is down from last season.Last season he averaged 71.3 successful passes per game and 11.2 potential assists per game (15.71%), but this season he averaged 71.8 successful passes per game (9.1 potential assists per game), dropping to 12.67%.I've never understood why jokic creates fewer potential assists when he's playing more, because if you look at the actual number of assists, it could be the teammate's hand, but it's potential.Is it recorded once whether a teammate scores a goal or not?It didn't dawn on me until I saw Murray's data...Murray jamal Murray is the nuggets' second scoring point and the most important player in the nuggets backcourt. He and jokic are the nuggets' "inside and out" double shot.In particular, jokic passes to Murray: 34.6 of jokic's 71.8 successful passes per game are to Murray, accounting for 48.19% of his successful passes, or nearly 50%...But what about actual assists?Look at the picture above and jokic pass to button, Harris is not much different?Yes, jokic is averaging 1.7, 1.4 and 1.1 assists per game to Murray when he is far more than barton and Harris.That wasn't the case last season, when jokic averaged 27.8 passes to Murray and 1.8 assists per game, compared with 4.91 percent this season.Meanwhile, Harris and millsap, who ranked second and third in assists last season, had 1.1 and 0.9, respectively.In other words: jokic is still maintaining a one-sided exchange with Murray, even expanding it, but the "benefits" are getting smaller and smaller...That's the answer to the question in the last paragraph of the last video.So why is jokic's "payoff" to Murray getting smaller and smaller?Is not?Tactical?Or was it Murray's own problem?Personally, I don't think it was their disagreement (not in the relationship), but more important than the shift in focus was the change in mindset brought about by Murray's growth.Murray's points, assists, field goal percentage are exactly the same as last season, and his rebounds, field goal attempts and minutes per game are only 0.1, 0.2, 0.2...Seems to be growing in the same way?But actually Murray utilization about base has reached more than 25.5% to become the team first, the number of averaging the ball, the ball time, after every time and every time the ball the ball possession up considerably: dribble more often data in addition to the ball does not keep and Harris, all data rows in the first team and increased significantly compared with the previous season.I even think it's Murray who's going to take over the nuggets from the first 20 or so games!It is not undesirable for Murray to "replace" jokic. If he can bring high efficiency to relieve jokic's burden to some extent, it is not a bad thing. But the question is whether he can fill jokic's role and effectively repay jokic's opportunities.Take a look at his ability to control the ball and set the team's efficiency.An average of 57.0 successful passes per game also creates 9.0 potential assists for teammates, a potential apg ratio of 15.79 percent (mentioned earlier, 12.67 percent for jokic this season) and even higher than last season's 15.71 percent for jokic.But the quality of potential assists is not as high as jokic's, because jokic's potential assists are shooting 67.03 percent from the field, while Murray's potential assists are shooting 53.33 percent.Murray's passing quality is not as good as jokic's is obvious, and one of the main reasons is his penetration.Some fans say that the difference between Murray's penetration and others' is that the others either rely on the defender to make a foul, or avoid the defender to make power;And he is relying on the opponent not to make a foul and will not avoid the opponent to create power.That seems to be true...He led the team in holding the ball 10.5 times per game, but was able to make only 1.0 free throws.His 45.5% shooting percentage from the field ranked in the middle of the league among all players who averaged at least five breakdowns per game.His pass-to-assist ratio after penetration was only 23.26 percent, far below the quality of the league's other starters on the perimeter.Not only has he broken down in efficiency, but this season he's been obsessed with individual ability...The percentage of face-frame singles has risen to 10.6 percent from 7.8 percent last season, while the PPPS have dropped to 0.70 points from 0.83 points last season.He also averaged 8.8 quick stop jumpers, up from 7.8 last season, while his shooting efficiency was about the same as last season (up just 0.1 percent).So a lot of times it feels like Murray isn't "waiting" for jokic to get involved, and the ball jokic passes to him when he gets it he's not thinking about scoring or looking for a chance to play with his teammates but just a few dribbles and then "showing" the ability to play in the frame, really appealing to the double-team and not being able to handle it before passing it out...Jochebed, "run" is one thing, and Murray "impulse" is the primary problem of the Denver nuggets in fact for the nuggets rhythm relations is not large, want to find the team the nuggets last season, and idea about to find the status of last season and is not difficult, they should not should play according to the Murray rhythm according to the rhythm of play about base.When the ball after half-time Murray is still the ball to the base, in high coordination, he should be as [a constantly look for opportunities, and roll, cut, fixed point of pure endpoints , not to say that he can't do the ball, but the team has a very high pressure rhythm of the ball point don't use don't dissipate, isn't it?A player who holds 80% of the ball and another who holds 85%;The first player can shoot 70% and the second player can shoot 40%.Is it really hard to decide who is going to be the holding point and who is going to be the endpoint?Murray's 3-point percentage is down a bit from last season, too, because he has a 14.6 percent overall improvement in pull-out, pull-back, and dribble percentage from last season. Drop those percentages and return to the familiar rhythm of the nuggets, with jokic as their backup.It would both reduce Murray's "impulsivity" and increase jokic's participation on the offensive end, even at current shooting levels.The nuggets' tempo is already too slow to drop, so their problem is not the tempo of the offense but the disconnection of Murray and jokic.

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