Nba Miami Camiseta Dolphins Tienda Nfl - Los

Nba Miami Camiseta Dolphins Tienda Nfl - Los Camiseta NFL Los Miami Dolphins - NBA Tienda NFL

Camiseta Nfl Los Miami Dolphins - Nba TiendaIridium cloud business "fashion + real estate" crossover new play, buy a T-shirt can be "free" to get a corresponding apartment.On December 3rd Diesel, an Italian brand of high-end jeans, launched a new retail initiative in Miami, selling what it calls "The most expensive t-shirts ever" -- The Condo t-shirts.The collection includes 143 t-shirts, each with a floor plan for a Diesel apartment in Wynwood, Florida.For example, the "d6-7l" T-shirt sells for $1,049,000 and the "f2-l7" T-shirt sells for $5.5 million.A consumer can buy a T-shirt and get an apartment "for free."The marketing campaign for The Condo t-shirts was designed by Small, a New York creative agency, for Diesel.In response to the design, Small's founders said: "we wanted to create a campaign that was different from all other real estate.That's how The Condo t-shirts were born.Through this campaign, Diesel is once again challenging the norm and creating something totally unexpected."It is worth mentioning that Diesel founder Renzo Rosso said in an interview, "marketing is the only way for the brand to survive and thrive.Whether advertising or publicity, the ultimate goal is communication."If the brand doesn't present itself and consumers can't see what's special about you, they won't buy your product."Presumably, the reason why Diesel can maintain long-term young state and fresh feeling, the key lies in the layout on value and marketing means and innovation.(graphic materials: huali, LADUMAX official account)

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