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Brand New Eb587 Ae90a Todd Gurley Rams Uniform Jersey Twitter com - Frauzy comFrom wood stoves to gas stoves to modern kitchen appliances, Chinese kitchens have evolved due to users' pursuit of a better life and continuous changes in the kitchen appliances industry.Nowadays, consumption upgrades curtain falls, new tide of new generation of hutch electricity, kitchen is accelerating arrival.The main character is not before any of a familiar kitchen electric products, such as integrated kitchen, but the industry leader fang tai introduced a new species: integrated cooking center.Recently, in the press conference hall of the great hall of the people held "light industry consumer upgrade and high-quality development press conference", fang tai has three products entered the list of light industry at the same time.Among them, fang tai integrated cooking center as the only new species of kitchen electrical industry, selected people's lives closely related to consumption boutique.This also once again confirms the subversion of traditional thinking, based on the "happiness cooking" concept of integrated cooking center, with a step in place of integrated kitchen cooking solutions to meet the cooking habits of Chinese users, to promote the upgrading of Chinese household consumption, kitchen renovation power.In the eyes of industry experts, the integrated cooking center can be regarded as the brand new achievement of fang tai's collection of "technology innovation driven" and "ren ren culture driven" over the past 20 years. The integration demonstrates the ability of Chinese enterprises to redefine cooking lifestyle in the kitchen space.It can be said that this will be the future Chinese kitchen toward integration, intelligent and embedded rapid progress of the important landmark results.China's kitchen generation new driving force: not single product upgrade, more is not integrated kitchen at present, the development of China's kitchen power industry is breaking out a new crossroad: namely consumer demand continues to upgrade, traditional kitchen power products can not meet users to the quality of life higher and higher requirements.The reaction is on the market, kitchen electric product is updated slow, stock market releases tardy hard.This also led to the impact of real estate regulation on demand, except for a single emerging category, kitchen electricity market continued to decline.According to the first half of 2019 data from, retail sales of kitchen appliances in China fell by 9.5% year on year.The categories of traditional cigarette ovens all showed different degrees of decline, the largest decline of 13.9%.It can be said that the normal decline of kitchen electricity industry has been confirmed that single kitchen electric products such as range hood, gas stove, no matter how iterative upgrade, still unable to effectively promote market consumption.Kitchen power industry as a whole decelerate gear shift, need to find a new growth point from the stock market, in a period of time, by the intelligent, integrated, embedded trend, there is a voice in the industry said, integrated kitchen category will become the inflection point of this industry.However, the truth is that the ovens have been in an awkward position: there are no big brands, most products are promoted in the third and fourth line market, and the products are simply pieced together and assembled, there are a lot of traps in quality performance and service maintenance.What's the problem with the integrated cooker?In fact, it is not the targeted market demand that is the problem, but the simple hardware assembly, a single function stack, performance is difficult to achieve a high degree of integration and collaboration, even the basic security risks and soot problems can not be cured.This and the user in the upgrade channel, want the high efficiency, small space integration solution gap is very big.This also lets integrated kitchen be destined to be the transitional product of Chinese kitchen stage only.What's new about "new species"?It's not just new technology, it's a new arena for kitchen social interaction. What kind of new species should the future of Chinese kitchen be?The general viewpoint of expert inside course of study is: this one kind of species must get through hutch electric industry to be in charge of two veins: want to collect on the one hand lampblack machine, gas stove, disinfection ark to wait for product function, can be in however "the space does subtract method", agree with intelligence, integrated change development direction;On the other hand, it is necessary to break out of the hardware and create personalized cooking life with intelligent cooking solutions, so as to complete demand activation, value reengineering and lifestyle change.Structurally, unlike hardware assembly, square too integrated cooking center integration, is creative to "smoke, stove, elimination, steamed, baked" core functions, integrated innovation and collaboration, whether lampblack machine to realize "low suction line" of sinking and wall-mountable structure, is pioneering the layout of the kitchen burning gas and the bottom of the steam oven integration, is aimed at a small space for relocation and innovation, is the most perfect expression of space integration.From the performance point of view, Fried fire roast, steam roast cooking, as well as soot emission and other users can meet the needs.Based on the fiks intelligent living home system platform, through the intelligent voice assistant, easy to connect the smoke machine, steam box, oven, moving mouth can achieve easy cooking function.Combined with the advantages of integration and intelligence, the kitchen can be transformed into a cooking and social space by creating healthy and happy food experience such as "finishing 6 dishes and 1 soup in 30 minutes", "enjoying 36 cooking methods in 1 square meter", "covering more than 100 menus of Fried, Fried, steamed, Fried, Fried and Fried".If the integrated stove is more like a shelf, everything is put together;Then the integrated cooking center is a smart box, where products are integrated, coordinated, and intelligently controlled.Another feature of this smart BOX approach is that it can be customized according to different user needs, and the intelligent control can be upgraded online. It is always the most suitable overall cooking scheme for users, thus reshaping the Chinese home cooking system in the Internet of things era.Directly hit the pain point of demand: the integrated cooking center has made the future come along with the consumption upgrade channel, the user's pursuit of delicious food and cooking function is getting higher and higher, more and more, the number of kitchen electric products of Chinese families is increasing linearly, the average of the past 5 households has increased to the present 10 households.And suffer traditional "big sitting room small kitchen" housing structure and layout restriction, what a lot of Chinese families complain most to kitchen life is "space is insufficient, kitchen is bad use".Chinese kitchen ecology calls for a new variable, and the birth of fang tai integrated cooking center is timely.Only the solution to the pain point of demand, is the fundamental driving users and the market.Because of function integration, space integration, environment integration, intelligent integration, scene integration in one, fang tai integrated cooking center is more like a miniature version of the integrated kitchen.What the user sees is the new linkage cooperation of hardware, what experience is the wisdom life of easy cooking.Obviously, under the wave of smart home, fang tai found the perfect fit between technological innovation, product innovation and life demand change, consumption upgrade, opening a new development channel of kitchen electricity industry with a new category."The source of innovation is love, the principle of innovation is moderation, the goal of innovation is happiness.As fang tai's unique innovation theory says, the innovation of integrated cooking center is not "empty", but also "conceptualization", but to create new value for users with just right experience.This subversive innovation is the result of fentai's four years of experience, interviews with more than 500 users and insights into more than 500 households. It is the embodiment of the future kitchen ecology.As soon as the fang tai integrated cooking center was launched in August this year, the "hot before you sell" boom was already heralding a new kitchen makeover.This time, the fan-tai integrated cooking center was recommended by the consumption boutique of the year 2019, which is closely related to the light industry and people's life, once again proving its ability to create a happy life experience for users.In the kitchen electric industry to the embedded, intelligent, intensive on the way forward, as the industry vane fang tai integrated cooking center, more catalyzed a new round of kitchen trend.(the copyright of this article belongs to, without authorization, shall not be reproduced) don't misunderstand!"Secret police" is not "secret service"!Why did han yu lag behind tsai ing-wen in the poll?Channel Shinkansen visits China can match the nation of the gun xinhua news agency James "exception" 25+11 three pairs, double odd 5 three 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